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Analyst and Influencer Insights

With a proven track record of digitally transforming businesses in preparation for the future, we are recognized by analysts and influencers as one of the best mid-size ERP products in the world. Read the latest analyst insights reports and reviews from the industry.

SYSPRO ranks top 10 in the Panorama Consulting 2022 ERP Systems Report

SYSPRO ERP selected based on depth of functionality, R&D investments, and company culture.

Some of the industry-built solutions highlighted in the report for manufacturers and distributors include:

SYSPRO named ERP leader for ability to accommodate the changing needs of organizations

SYSPRO has retained its position as a leader in the 2021 Nucleus Research ERP Technology Value Matrix for the fifth consecutive year.

“Innovations to the user experience and core ERP functionality continue to position SYSPRO favorably in the Value Matrix and in the market as more manufacturers search for digital transformation partners that understand their business.”

– Isaac Gould | Research Manager | Nucleus Research


Digital Transformation key for Manufacturing and Distribution sector

Analyst Gabriel Gheorghiu, Research Principal (ERP, Supply Chain Management, eCommerce) at G2 writes about the impact of the pandemic on the manufacturing and distribution sectors globally and the importance of digital transformation moving forward.

“SYSPRO’s platform is compatible with the latest technologies, such as the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and robotic processing automation (RPA). The new offering aims to improve elasticity and flexibility and facilitate disaster recovery.”

– Gabriel Gheorghiu | Research Principal | G2


SYSPRO – Quick on its feet in the “New Normal”

Analyst Predrag Jakovljevic (PJ), Principal Analyst at Technology Evaluation Centers writes about how businesses who will thrive in the future are the ones investigating together with SYSPRO how different business models and digital transformation will result in improved operational efficiencies.

“SYSPRO has seen that now is the time where manufacturers and distributors are considering the value in digital transformation, while in the past many were slow to consider the potential of emerging technology.” 

– Predrag Jakovljevic (PJ) | Principal Analyst | TEC


Helping Customers to Handle the Shift presented by the Pandemic

Analyst Predrag Jakovljevic (PJ), Principal Analyst at Technology Evaluation Centers interviews Paulo De Matos, SYSPRO Chief Product Officer, around how we assisted customers to handle the pandemic and grow.

“During the pandemic, customers appreciated our differentiated approach of value-added service. Besides our expertise and industry experience, our key differentiator lies in how we deliver value to customers and how we take our customers on a journey to deliver their goals.”

– Paulo De Matos | Chief Product Officer | SYSPRO


SYSPRO Accelerates Digital Transformation

SYSPRO Brings Smart Manufacturing to all Through Digital Transformation

The Mint Jutras report covers new SYSPRO technology and feature capabilities supporting Smart Manufacturing initiatives and digital transformation, including SYSPRO Connected Services.

“SYSPRO’s commitment to providing comprehensive coverage to its core market of manufacturing and distribution verticals will help it keep pace with product development trends and maintain its position as Leader in the Value Matrix.”

– Andrew MacMillen | Research Analyst | Nucleus Research

Customer Centricity is Paramount

Capterra’s Top 20 Most Popular for Enterprise Resource Planning Software List

SYSPRO has been named a top 20 Most Popular Enterprise Resource Planning software product by Capterra, an online service that helps organizations find the right software.

“To be included on a list that is heavily weighted based on user feedback is a tremendous honor. Customer input is of utmost importance to us.”

– Geoff Garrett | CEO | SYSPRO USA