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Maximise profitability by optimising your manufacturing operations in real-time with SYSPRO ERP.

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SYSPRO Manufacturing ERP software provides greater control and visibility of your manufacturing operations

Make real-time decisions, faster.

Built by Industry Experts. Made for Manufacturers. SYSPRO’s Manufacturing ERP software helps manufacturing organisations to automate and optimize their core business processes including supply-chain, shop floor, inventory, and warehouse management. This is all fully integrated with back-end processes such as finance, sales and business reporting, all in real-time.

SYSPRO Cloud ERP. SYSPRO Private Managed Cloud. On Premise.
Your Choice! SYSPRO offers customers the flexibility to deploy SYSPRO ERP their way, On-Premise, In the Cloud, or Hybrid. 

Maximise profits and minimise waste. Improve shop floor productivity with SYSPRO ERP

Digitally connect people, processes, shop floor & assets

Improve overall equipment efficiency (OEE), overall labour efficiency (OLE) and TEEP.

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Make smart decisions

Take data to action with quick & smart reporting, in real-time.

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Optimise inventory & warehouse management

Minimise wastage to achieve lean manufacturing. Manage quality, traceability & your supply chain.

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Take back financial control

Gain a 360-degree picture of your financial position and better manage your shop floor, plant and warehouse.
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Global ERP manufacturing software backed by 45+ years of industry specific experience

Browse ERP solutions by industry type:

Automotive Parts and Accessories

Maximise profitability & stay compliant by integrating operations from production planning & scheduling to purchasing, traceability & quality control.
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Chemicals & Fertilizers

Grow, connect, streamline, and build your chemical manufacturing value chain.
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Automate, Integrate and increase visibility across your electronics and semi-conductor supply chain.
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Fabricated Metals

Optimise production costs, product quality and on-time delivery by automating and integrating your manufacturing operations.
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Food & Beverage

Achieve regulatory compliance, efficiency and profitability goals while ensuring food safety and customer satisfaction.
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Furniture & Fittings

Gain visibility and efficiency across your supply chain, and act fast on fluctuations in a stiffly competitive environment.
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Industrial Machinery & Equipment

Achieve accurate costing, manage complex bills of materials and unique scheduling with end-to-end supply chain visibility and quality control.
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Medical Devices

Gain full visibility into the supply chain, comply with medical safety regulations and accurately manage the design process.
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Go green, tightly manage your supply chain, and keep inventory turnover high.
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Plastics & Rubber

Gain flexibility and sustainability in your processes while maintaining precision execution.
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SYSPRO customer success stories

Australian Manufacturer B&R Enclosures needed an ERP system that can keep up and assist with their rapid business growth.

SYSPRO ERP system offers B&R a solution to help improve production scheduling, achieve efficiency and access real time data.

AF Gason is an Australian-based manufacturer of agriculture broadacre farming equipment and industrial wood heaters.

Discover how they use SYSPRO as its enterprise system across the entire length of its supply chain and how they have achieved 100% improvement in results, 20% in job recording accuracy, 50% in shop floor efficiency and 30% reduction in backlog of engineering change requests.

Optimize core business processes with a manufacturing ERP System

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As a manufacturing company grows, it needs to adopt practices and systems that will enable it to scale. No longer will spreadsheets and simple accounting packages do or disparate siloed systems and outdated incumbent ERP applications support your continued growth. A scalable ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software that has been built by manufacturers and is designed for manufacturing is perfect for enabling your growth.

ERP systems for manufacturing can drive huge improvements by automating and integrating core business processes, protecting business data and mitigating risk. By managing the end-to-end supply chain and automating the customer order process, you can enable work plans, schedule production and operations, provide customer service tools, whilst keeping a watchful eye on inventory, and the company’s financial data. All while translating data into easy-to-understand information that allows for better product development, and driving down costs and wastage, all in real-time.

Here are 10 reasons why you should implement a manufacturing ERP in your business:
1. Integrated business
2. Eliminate manual data capture
3. Automate business processes
4. Optimise manufacturing and shop floor data collection
5. Control inventory costs, minimise waste and optimise inventory levels
6. Improve customer service
7. Better supply chain management
8. Improved accounting and cost efficiencies
9. Better reporting and collaboration in real-time
10. Investing in a more sustainable footprint

Smart manufacturing is growing in prominence as continued supply chain disruptions and pressures from the 4th Industrial Revolution or I4.0 make embracing technology a necessity for manufacturers. For manufacturers to remain competitive, adopting ERP solutions for manufacturing is key.

SYSPRO’s ERP solution is designed to simplify complexity and add significant value to manufacturers. SYSPRO ERP can be deployed as a Cloud ERP, on Premise, or both, and paves the way to digitalizing your business, streamlining your supply chain, providing greater control and visibility, all whilst simplifying and personalizing the end user experience.

We have an extensive program of ISV providers – to view them and learn more about their offering view our ISV section here.

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