Manufacturing Bill of Materials

From raw materials through to the final product output

Bill of Materials (BOM) adding structure to your manufacturing operations

The Bill of Materials (BOM) allows you to facilitate accurate expected costs against which actual production costs can be tracked. The complete bill forms the foundation for material and capacity planning, shop floor control and costing. SYSPRO ERP with Bill of Materials ensures that information is used throughout your manufacturing process, engineering, production, purchasing and order processing.

Manufacturers who require visibility of components and operations that which form part of the end product benefit from BOM as it allows for accurate inventory planning and costing. Using BOM you are able to generate accurate quotes, plan around your operational capacity, produce goods efficiently, and have an holistic view what makes up your end-product/s.

The Bill of Materials is defined by the manufacturing process and it includes:

  • work center
  • labor rates
  • setup times
  • run times
  • machines
  • raw materials
  • packaging
  • sub-assemblies
  • scrap percentages

Bill of Materials (BOM) in SYSPRO ERP:

BOM allows you to define the products that are manufactured by means of manufacturing operations and components used in production. Materials used for manufacturing can be made inhouse or outsourced and using SYSPRO ERP with Bill of Materials you can set up either single level or multi-level BOM’s. Parent product and co- or bi-products can be mapped out to handle complex manufacturing. SYSPRO ERP provides a simple way of grouping materials together by creating product kits. Kits can be drawn up to detail lists of components that are either optional or mandatory in the production of an item. Use Multiple Routes for one manufactured item. Each route can have different operations, rates, times, etc. based on the production line or location the item is manufactured.

A well-defined BOM helps with the following aspects of the production process:

Planning and purchasing

Material and capacity planning, shop floor control and accurate product costing.

Produce quality goods
Define components and operations that go into making a single unit of a product for accurate production methods.
Accurate costing
Visibility into the costs to produce an item and the ability to do a simple cost implosion when component costs or operation rates have changed.
Handle complex manufacturing
Manage multiple routes and BOM levels. Track stock costs and ensure that you have the necessary components to produce quality products.

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