JP van Loggerenberg

Chief Services and Technology Officer, SYSPRO

Within his role as the Chief Services and Technology Officer at SYSPRO, JP harnesses the digital opportunity by providing integrated technology solutions. JP believes in leveraging innovation to promote an enjoyable user experience. He has also been instrumental in standardizing and rationalizing of processes and systems within SYSPRO.

JP started his career at SYSPRO in 2013 as the Product Owner Financial. His extensive exposure to strategic planning, business process re-engineering, and in Information Technology infrastructure, has allowed him to construct a Services Practice within the SYSPRO business. Within Services, JP focuses on several key areas, namely Information Technology, Consulting and Support.

Through the provision of unified systems, the adoption of best Information Technology practices, governance and the continual driving of service excellence, JP has empowered both SYSPRO and its partners.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Law) degree, and a Master’s Degree in Business Leadership (MBL) with a specialization in Information Technology.