How SYSPRO ERP Meets Supply Chain Management Needs


The scale of profitability of an organization is directly proportional to the way that it manages its supply chain

Most of today’s organizations are recognizing the key role that their supply chain management plays in their ability to garner a competitive advantage in the market.

In this eBook we provide more information on:

  • An overview of Manufacturing Supply Chain Management
  • Main areas of Supply Chain Management
  • SYSPRO solutions for SCM

SYSPRO ERP is designed in a modular fashion

Offering over 50 individual modules you can integrate seamlessly into your operations – giving you everything you need and nothing that you don’t.

Whether you’re expanding into new territories, adding new product lines or simply want to be more efficient and productive, we will empower you to take the next step by enabling you to connect both internally and with your suppliers and customers – and to easily adapt and scale as and when the need arises.

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Areas of focus for Supply Chain Management


The art of getting the best quality materials at the best prices possible from suppliers around the world.

Inventory Management

Maintaining the correct stockholding, and balancing supply with demand.


Manufacturing on time, quality control, and meeting deadlines.


Delivering the right product to the right place, in full, in good condition, and on time.

Sales & Marketing

Segment customers based upon buying performance and place them on a structured price list.


Have strict controls over expenditure, maintain a strong cash flow, and to take advantage of pricing.


Provide timely and effective aftersales service, such as repairs and maintenance.


Seamlessly incorporate new technologies as and when they happen.