Rob Stummer

Chief Executive Officer, SYSPRO APAC

Rob is a senior digital transformation leader with specific expertise in Enterprise Applications, including SaaS solutions. He has held executive positions in both private and publicly listed companies and is currently the CEO of SYSPRO Asia Pacific. Rob has a proven track record of growing and improving performance in complex commercial environments based on accountability, loyalty and trust. This has consistently resulted in double digit revenue and EBIT growth in highly competitive B2B industries. Rob enjoys finding a vision, creating a strategy with purpose, and then connecting people through collaboration, engagement and open communication. He understands the importance of aligning strategy, leadership and culture to deliver sustainable results for all stakeholders. His ‘hands on’ approach and strong work ethic are combined with common sense and a genuine will to succeed. Rob believes that digital transformation success is intimately tied to user and customer experience, and he is a trusted adviser to many businesses throughout the Asia Pacific region. He can add significant value to organisations who transition from building internal competencies and improving operational efficiency, to executing on their digital transformation vision. Rob holds several degrees, including a Masters Degree in Information & Communications Technology from the University of Melbourne. He has a passion for the great outdoors and enjoys boating, golf, snow skiing and wind surfing.